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Welcome to the Red Moon Computers web presence. We are always looking for better ways to serve you. If you think of any way we can improve your experience with our business, please contact us. Below you will find a little information about the beginning of Red Moon Computers and how we've grown over the past fourteen years to what we are today. Follow the navigation on the left to get more information on the products and services we offer.

Company Profile

Red Moon Computers, LLC, is owned by Ryan Lewis of Janesville, WI. We take pride in our business and strive to meet the highest standards of our customers in every way. We provide in-shop & on-site service in Janesville and the surrounding 30 miles including Evansville, Edgerton, Beloit and several other nearby townships. Our prices are seldom bested by any area businesses and we feel our work is done to highest standards. All of our services are warranted and phone or internet support is included. We hold a Wisconsin reseller's permit which means we can purchase parts at wholesale and provide a much better value to you. We also do completely custom-built computer setups, you name the price, with an hour of data transfer included and a three-year warranty standard. For any computer need you have, Red Moon Computers can be there to fulfill it.

Ryan Lewis started Red Moon Computers in the fall of 2001 and had several prior years servicing computers. As a boy he always enjoyed working with computers and electronics. He can recall back to just seven years of age when a mistake was made with the family's first system:

"I was using the computer while my parents were away although they had strictly warned against it. I panicked when they arrived home early and immediately shut down via the power switch. The system was restarted quickly and I expected it to appear unused. Unfortunately, with older systems especially, when you don't pause before powering the computer on again there is a chance you can clear the whole hard disk drive. When our computer began to boot back up, we were greeted with 'Operating System Not Found,' and there was nothing left. Many hours later, after troubleshooting the seemingly lifeless machine, it was restored to its former glory. From then on out it was second nature to me."

Since that first experience with the inner workings of a computer Ryan has stayed interested in technology. Today he strives to attain greater levels of knowledge and perfection in his business, eagerly awaiting the next big change in the world of computers.

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