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Legal Disclaimer

  • Red Moon Computers assumes that all customers have read and agreed to the Red Moon Computers Legal Disclaimer and Terms & Conditions before placing any order, as use of this website constitutes acceptance of the Legal Disclaimer and Terms & Conditions.
  • All of the pages on this website may not be copied, reproduced, or used on other website without a written consent from Red Moon Computers, L.L.C.
  • All prices displayed on this website are in U.S. Dollars.
  • All prices are subject to change without notice. Red Moon Computers may not be held responsible for price fluctuations.
  • Red Moon Computers may not be held responsible for typographical errors and/or errors due to server malfunction.
  • All purchases are subject to product availability. Red Moon Computers may not be held responsible for orders' delays due to product shortage. Customer has the right to cancel delayed order due to product availability issues.
  • All products and/or services names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.
  • Red Moon Computers may not be held responsible for any losses and/or damages due to any information shown or expressed on this website.
  • Red Moon Computers may not be held responsible for any losses and/or damages due to any of Red Moon Computers' advice, recommendation, product, and/or service.
  • All businesses and/or transactions are subject to the State of Wisconsin (U.S.A.) law only, not laws of any other state or country.

Terms & Conditions

  • Software: Any visitors to this website understand all software presented on or suggested by this website is copyrighted by the companies who produce it, and Red Moon Computers makes no warranty, expressed or implied, about the quality and/or functionality of said programs. By taking use of any software offered on this website, you are acknowledging you do so at your own risk, and will not hold Red Moon Computers responsible if a problem should occur. Any parties who access this website understand that they should always check minimum hardware and software system requirements before attempting to purchase or download any software.
  • Red Moon Computers is not responsible for performing the research required to uncover compatibility issues among products. It is the customer's responsibility to check out each manufacturer's on-line technical support area, visit relevant forums and newsgroups, read applicable F.A.Q.s, etc. Red Moon Computers encourages its customers to perform this research before they place an order. We want to prevent any unnecessary customer aggravation and expense, and encourage customers to contact us if a question arises.
  • Red Moon Computers cannot be held responsible for product incompatibilities and manufacturers' typographical errors or defects.
  • Most orders placed before 6pm C.D.T. Monday - Friday will be shipped the next business day (except holidays), providing that there is no problem with payment authorization or verification and the products ordered are in stock. Most orders shipped within the United States will arrive at their destination within one to five business days. If you have not received your order within seven business days, please contact us immediately at 608-741-6666.
  • Checks: Red Moon Computers reserves the right to charge a $35 fee for all returned checks. Also, when paying by check, you understand that it may take up to five business days for your check to clear, and that your order will not be shipped until said check has cleared. If items are out of stock when your check clears store credit will be issued.
  • Order Modification: Order(s) may be modified only by live contact via phone and only during our normal business hours. No order modifications sent by e-mail, voice-mail or post will be guaranteed. Also, please note: unless contacted shortly after order placement, modifications are usually not possible.
  • Order Cancellation: Should you decide to cancel your order after it has been processed and shipped, the shipping cost is non-refundable and a restocking fee of 15% may be deducted from your refund. Orders may only be cancelled within one week (six business days) of the purchase date, and the product must be unopened. You may cancel your order only by speaking with a live representative via phone.
  • Credit: Please allow three to five business days after receipt for all returned products to be processed. The credit can be issued back to the original source of payment only.
  • Shipping: Red Moon Computers ships your products by USPS, UPS or FedEx. We strictly follow the holiday schedules of these businesses. We will try to ship your order as soon as possible, provided the carrier is open for business. By selecting any carrier, you have indicated that you agree to all of the carrier's Terms and Conditions. Shipping charges are non-refundable.
  • R.M.A.s: Red Moon Computers reserves the right to charge a restocking fee of 20% of the selling price for any non-defective product returned. Customers may return products for refunds or store credit within one month (twenty business days) from the date of purchase, if they have a valid Red Moon Computers R.M.A. number. R.M.A. numbers are only shippable within five business days from the date issued. Red Moon Computers reserves the right to refuse any package(s) returned without proper documentation and/or a valid R.M.A. number, and refused items will be shipped back at the customer's expense. If no account number is provided to which Red Moon Computers can charge return shipping costs, or the sender refuses to pay said costs, the package will be considered Red Moon Computers property and no refund or credit will be issued.
  • D.o.A.s: Red Moon Computers is not responsible for return shipping fees in the event an item is dead on arrival (D.o.A.). We do our best to sell quality parts, but the fact is there are sometimes problems, and it is neither the customer's fault nor the seller's fault when this occurs. Defective products will be replaced with the same product if it is still available. Otherwise, alternate arrangements for refund, credit or replacement by a similar product will be made. A Red Moon Computers technician will call the customer to discuss their options in such situations.
  • For any “returned for repair” product(s) not found to be defective, Red Moon Computers reserves the right to charge the customer’s account/credit card for its costs to ship the non-defective product(s) back to the customer, as well as a testing fee of no less than twenty dollars, and up to fifty dollars, if an amount of time is spent on the said items.
  • Due to manufacturers' policies, customers must not mark on, write in or damage any product's documentation, packing box or product container. Items damaged in this way will be rejected.
  • All new products are warranted by Red Moon Computers for one month (twenty business days) from the date of purchase, unless otherwise noted. Warranty periods may be longer through the manufacturer. Used products are guaranteed for two weeks (ten business days) from the date of purchase. All warranties are voided if the product is damaged by the shipper or customer in any way.
  • Under no circumstances will Red Moon Computers be responsible for any damages to customer’s equipment caused by products purchased from Red Moon Computers, LLC.

Privacy Policy

The employees of Red Moon Computers respect your privacy and are committed to protecting it. We provide this statement to inform you of our privacy policies and practices, and to demonstrate our firm commitment to privacy. We've structured our website so that, in general, you can visit us on the web without identifying yourself or revealing any personal information. We make this notice readily available at the top of every page.

At Red Moon Computers, it is our primary concern to protect customer information and provide safe and secure online ordering. When we request any of your personal information, other than name, e-mail address or phone, we use Secure Socket Layer (S.S.L.) encryption and firewall technology to ensure security. All information collected, encrypted or otherwise, will be kept strictly confidential.

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