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Red Moon Computers offers all on-site service. This means we come to you, day or night, and will fix your problem at your home or place of business, for cheaper than it would cost to bring it in to most businesses. All of our work is guaranteed, and we also guarantee that if we can't fix it, we'll at least be able to direct you to the person that can (though it's tough to find a problem we can't solve). You'll notice below the three types of business we do standard, and the rates per hour for these services. We also charge a $20 travel and equipment fee, and there is a minimum one hour's charge on all appointments. Travel is $1/mile's distance outside of Janesville city.

Types of On-Site Service and Rates

Consulting (Tutoring)
Face-to-face discussion with customer concerning topics such as hardware pros/cons, compatibility issues, explanation of the function of a device (i.e.: the motherboard is the main board on which all other...), explanation of software, operating system walkthrough (DOS, Windows 3.x, 95, NT, 98, ME, 2000, XP, 2003), cleaning components (judged on an individual basis), information on 'tweaking' or other ways to improve system performance, etc...
Software Conflict
Everything from Consulting, also including: general work on system to check for possible problem causes, applying updates (software patches), bug fixes, virus scanners, changes to any aspect of the software environment thought to be necessary to the stated problem or helpful, and/or upgrade/reinstallation/removal of any part of the software system deemed necessary, at the discretion of the technician.
Hardware Conflict
Everything from Software Conflict, also including: discussion of hardware functionality and compatibility, physical hardware explanation (jumper settings, wiring instructions, etc.), hardware rearranging, and other changes to the physical components of the system to remedy problems or upgrade, etcetera.

Reference Accounts

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"Greate Service!"
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"Fair Pricing!"
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"Friendly and Knowledgeable!"

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